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We offer DevOps consulting services and training including DevOps Institute training. Our DevOps experts have specialist skills covering   Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Computing (GCP) cloud platofrms, as well as on-premisises solutions such as self-hosted Kubnernetes via Rancher, OpenNebula and OpenStack or vanilla Kubernetes.

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DevOps Consulting Services

Looking to transform your business processes to compete effectively in today's fast-paced, ever-changing, environment? DevOps is the approach to modernise your organisation to meet new challenges; but due to its wide-ranging disruption to people, processes, and technology, its implementation can be challenging.

We are here to assist with these challenges by adopting a strategic approach to the implementation and roll-out of the DevOps approach and principles in your organisations. It's not just about technology and processes, it's about people too.

DevOps - A Strategic Approach to Implementation

Cloud computing, agile management, and process automation are the three mega-trends transforming businesses. Although there is no overarching term that combines the impact of these 3, mutually reinforcing trends, DevOps is perhaps the best methodology to harness their power.

DevOps can be implemented haphazardly across an organisation in an uncoordinated approach which may or may not have the desired result but it is far more effective to adopt a strategically planned approach to its adoption. What processes should be automated first for the biggest business impact? What is the impact on people and what is your skills gap? What tools and service providers should be selected that best suit your current workforce and infrastructure?

A strategic, planned approach will allow your organisation to reap the benefits of such changes most effectively. We are here to assist with the process. We can help you develop a coordinated approach, and identify skills gaps, and retooling and retraining needs.

Infrastructure Re-engineering, Tools & Service Providers

DevOps is not just about merging the development and operations functions with automation to achieve faster time to market and quicker product and feature rollouts. It also requires the careful selection of tools and providers to re-engineer your processes.

We provide advisory consulting and evaluation of the range of options available to an organisation based on its as-is position and help define its move-to position from a tools, technology, and service provider perspective.

Our team of technical experts can assist your team to map business, technical, and functional requirements to tools and service providers and implement Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery processes.

Our cloud services consulting division can assist with the migration of processes to the cloud and our strategic advisory team is ready to help develop and implement a change process plan for your organisation

Agile Consulting & Management Reengineering

DevOps is most effective when combined with the adoption of an agile management approach.  An integrated plan will combine the re-engineering of technical processes and management processes to enable your organisation to leverage the mutually reinforcing benefits of process automation and agile management.

Our team of agile practitioners can assist with reskilling business and technical teams to effectively implement agile processes whilst developing an approach to roll out the changes across your organisation and address organisational culture and deal with challenges to Agile adoption.

Agile project management is no longer just an approach to delivering better, more reliable, and robust software on time and on budget but is an effective way to organise collaborative teams that can respond dynamically to changes. Get your teams agile and flexible to deal with today's challenges.

Our Clients

Absa Bank Dimension Data Teraco Discovery Health South African Revenue Service First National Bank Allan Grey multichoice CSIR Standard Bank University of Johannesburg MTN Mr Price

DevOps Training

We provide a range of training courses to assist with the adoption of DevOps processes, reskill technical and business people with knowledge and confidence to effectively implement a strategic approach to DevOps implementation.

Our courses include:

Managerial/Organisational Training

  • DevOps Foundations - A DevOps Institute certification based training to establish a common base of terminology and concepts to discuss and plan for DevOps implementation
  • DevOps Leader - A DevOps Institute certification-based training for those who will lead the organisational change process. For those who need to provide strategic direction and drive change.
  • Site Reliability Engineering - A DevOps Institute certification based training that equips one with the understanding of a site reliability engineering approach to highly available, fault-tolerant infrastructure.

Technical Training

  • AWS Training - we provide training in AWS certification to ensure your team has the technical skills to leverage AWS services
  • Google Compte Cloud Training - as official Google training and service provider partners we can equip your team with the practical knowledge of how to leverage Google cloud services
  • LPI DevOps Tool Engineer Training - Looking to learn the tools and applications most commonly used in a DevOps environment? The LPI DevOps Tool Engineer training is for you. It covers the most widely used tools in the DevOps community and even if your organisation selects a slightly different set of tools to implement DevOps the principles and concepts are applicable in any DevOps environment. From infrastructure as code, distributed source management and micro-services this course has it covered.
  • Docker Training - Containers are the new unit of deployment for DevOps enabled organisations replacing virtual machines. Reducing development costs and ensuring identical environments and easing feature and product rolls outs; Docker and containers are the answer.
  • Kubernetes Training - Container orchestration is a non-trivial task but Kubernetes make the processes simpler. It makes it easy to deploy highly available, fault-tolerant and robust infrastructure at the push of a button (or auto-deployment as part of your CI/CD environment.

DevOps Institute Training Courses

The DevOps Institute offers a range of certifications aimed at those in management who are looking to implement DevOps principles and practices in their organisation. The DevOps Foundation Certification is aimed at creating a baseline understanding of DevOps whilst the DevOps Leader Certification equips those who will lead the organisational transformation with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

DevOps Foundations Training


This course provides attendees with an overview of DevOps, its core concepts, and the latest developments. It ensures there is a common understanding and terminology used in the organisation as a basis to launch the change process necessary to modernise internal processes and procedures to ensure quicker times to market.

The certification is appropriate for business managers to understand the technical aspects of DevOps and its organisational whilst those in technical management will gain an understanding of the business impact of DevOps.

Course Outline

  • DevOps objectives and vocabulary
  • Benefits to the business and IT
  • Principles and practices including Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, testing, security, and the Three Ways
  • DevOps relationship to Agile, Lean and ITSM
  • Improved workflows, communication and feedback loops
  • Automation practices including deployment pipelines and DevOps toolchains
  • Scaling DevOps for the enterprise
  • Critical success factors and key performance indicators
  • Real-life examples and results

DevOps Leader Training


This course is appropriate for organisational leaders who are transforming their organisation’s process to adopted DevOps principles and practices. It provides attendees with the tools, methods, and practices to bring about the cultural changes necessary to successfully adopt DevOps.

Course Outline

  • DevOps and time to value
  • Mindset and mental models
  • Key differences between DevOps IT and traditional IT
  • Target operating models and organizational design
  • Performance management, rewards and motivation
  • Preparing investment cases
  • Focusing on value outcomes
  • Ideas for organizing workflows
  • Empowerment and participation
  • Defining meaningful metrics
  • Value stream mapping
  • Driving cultural and behavioural change

Site Reliability Engineer Foundation Training

The Site Reliability Engineer Foundation certification equips attendees with the skills and knowledge necessary to introduce a site reliability engineering approach in their organisation. After this course, students will be able to focus their organisation on engineering & automation and adopt a range of new working paradigms to ensure the successful implementation of a SRE approach.

Course Outline

  • The history of SRE and its emergence at Google
  • The inter-relationship of SRE with DevOps and other popular frameworks
  • The underlying principles behind SRE
  • Service Level Objectives (SLO’s) and their user focus
  • Service Level Indicators (SLI’s) and the modern monitoring landscape
  • Error budgets and the associated error budget policies
  • Toil and its effect on an organization’s productivity
  • Some practical steps that can help to eliminate toil
  • Observability as something to indicate the health of a service
  • SRE tools, automation techniques, and the importance of security
  • Anti-fragility, our approach to failure and failure testing
  • The organizational impact that introducing SRE brings

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Jumping Bean is an open-source integration & training company that's been delivering solutions to customers for over 20 years.

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We build long relationships with our customers that helps improve our understanding of their needs. We offer customised solutions & training to meet business requirements.

Our clients include large & small businesses in South Africa & across the globe.  We offer both remote and on-site support.

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We are passionate about open source & pride ourselves on living on the bleeding edge of technology innovation. Our customers lean on our practical experience with emerging technologies to ensure they get the benefits of early adopters & avoid the pitfalls.

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